Qwuedeviv started out as a silly undefined concept and later became my main subject for a story series. (Currently known as Qwuedeviv Crew 52)


Additionally I have always wanted to work with the characters visually and over the last year or so had been contemplating how to do so. With no webcomic knowledge to speak of I set out to try and learn what was involved and just sort of trial and error my way through creating a site I could compile comics onto. So that is what you see today. The past comics are of no particular order or plot. I brought them over figuring they were still sort of a part of the Qwuedeviv history.Smiley Roll


As of about six months back (2/28/14) I decided that I would begin an official comic series for the Qwuedeviv following a plotline around a secondary set of characters. This is now currently in development.